You think I’m talking about this?

Samuel, school 007

Oh no, not this time!  This isn’t a post about the snow, the most snow to ever fall here in a day (already over 9 inches).  This is a post about the other record that was broken today – my personal delivery record.

It started with the FedEx man and these chocolate covered strawberries my mom and dad sent us:

Samuel, school 017

Looks like a post card, doesn’t it?  Trust me – they taste much better than they look!

Then, when I thought all the fun was over, UPS showed up with these!


Can you believe it?  Chocolate!  Strawberries!  Roses!  And even more chocolates came with these flowers!  Could this day get any better???

Just got the call – school is canceled for tomorrow!  I guess the answer is yes, it could…and it just did!  Can’t wait to see these happy faces tomorrow morning!

Samuel, school 023

Samuel, school 010

Don’t have a picture of Matthew to put here (don’t ask).  But I bet his mood improves tomorrow when he hears there’s no school!