Oh, who am I kidding?  Politics is one of the most divisive topics about which to post right now.  Nevertheless, I am diving in…

Since I don’t really know who is reading my blog (and that in itself is disconcerting, but not the point today), I hesitate to state too firmly that I DID NOT VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA.

What the heck?  It’s my blog anyway.

I have my own reasons, but the main reason I cast my vote for McCain was because of the abortion issue.  I prefer to vote for someone whose track record on abortion is not so radically pro-choice.

So when I was gathering up my little chicks to go early vote yesterday, the seven-year-old (7yo) asks me if I am going to vote for Barak Obama or John Adams.

They’ve been studying presidents in school, apparently.

I explained that I would be voting for John McCain – not Barak Obama.  He asked me why, so I tried to explain my reason in as concise a manner as possible since we were meeting hubs at the polling place.

Have you ever tried to boil the abortion issue down to 30 words or less?  Not so easy.

When I finished my explanation, I knew I had failed because he was nearly in tears.  He was devastated to learn that in our country, it is legal to kill a baby that has not been born yet.  Truthfully, I struggle with it myself sometimes.

Which is probably what made his next statement move me to tears.

With that earnest little boy look on his face, and an innocence I know I will not always be able to protect, he said “Mommy, we need to pray that John McCain wins and that HE becomes our next president!”  I stopped what I was doing and took his small hands in mine and we prayed for that very thing.

Then we went to the polls and waited in line for 30 minutes to cast our vote.

Then we went out to eat because, well, we were already out.  And it’s my understanding that’s the American thing to do after you vote.

At devotion time, 7yo brought up the election again and asked that we pray together for McCain.  When it was 5yo’s turn to pray, he said “Dear God, please let the bad guys lose and the good guys win.  Amen.”

Well put.

So here’s my contribution to the subject.  For a much better look at the election from a Christian standpoint, take a look at John Piper’s post.  It helped me gain my perspective back this morning.