I honestly thought that one day, I would move away from Pearsall and learn to live a Peanut-free life.  But it’s like that dust is running through my veins.  Maybe it’s the zillions of PBJs I make per week (can you believe Matthew has been known to eat 2-3 ENTIRE PBJs in one meal???), but it just seems like the topic of peanuts comes up over and over again.

Especially since Peter decided to write his FIRST EVER report for school on none other than George Washington Carver.

I still remember, as a child, choosing him for research projects because of his ties to the world of peanut farming.  So maybe I influenced Peter to love him as much as I do.

So, since this was his FIRST EVER research project, we spent the past few weeks reading about him, working on Peter’s report, then finally, turning it in on Monday.

Today, he read his report to the class, and he was instructed to dress up like the man himself.  Here he is – George Washington Carver – minus, of course, the black face (which would have been oh so politically incorrect, although Peter really thought it would add to the look.  That and a boutonniere, since the picture he had of GWCarver showed him with a boutonniere in his pocket.):

Peter as George Washington Carver

Peter as George Washington Carver