Well, since my cough is keeping me up at night anyway (cough, storms, the fact that Brad’s not here, etc.), I thought I would update my blog.  But I’m too tired to write anything.  And come to think of it, I don’t think I have any new pictures to post.  Which is odd, since I was just sure I had some when I started this…wow, guess this medicine I’m on is doing more than I realized!  Cool!

Oh yeah!  Now I remember!  I was going to write a post about how the intersection of Teel & Eldorado was featured on the news the other night.  For.its.rat.infestation.  Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Ewwwww!!!

My neighbor wanted to know if we were having a problem.  (Does finding sick rodents in your garage at night and smelling something that reminds you of rotting flesh count as having a problem???)  She alerted me to the news story – I didn’t see it personally.  Then she told me about her neighbor who is having to have a portion of her drywall removed because she has 8 dead rats behind it.  Now, I find this so disturbing that I have decided to pretend this is one of those urban legends, you know the kind that get passed around until you can’t believe any of it.

Of course, it’s happening next door to her, so she probably has her facts straight, but in my happy land, there is maybe one dead rat.  Rotting in her wall, I mean.  We know there’s one rotting in our garage because dude, the smells is so offensive.  But all good things must come to an end, right?!!  By that, I mean that the smell will eventually go away.  Unfortunately, one day when we finally clean out the garage, we will find the carcass.  Nasty.  But better than say, 8 carcasses!!!

Well, the thunder has died down and my coughing has temporarily ceased so I guess I will try again to sleep.  So glad to have ended my day on the happy thoughts of rat infestations.

You’re welcome.

Oh good, it has now started raining.  Actually, I think that might be hail.  Looks like it’s going to be a loooooong night.

Because I didn't think you would really believe me...

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