We performed this afternoon and just learned we made it into the final 10.  We march tonight to see who goes to State!


Also, a funny story about Samuel…

Reason number 537 why teachers aren’t paid enough…

The book fair was this week.  Samuel bought a pen that wrote in invisible ink and became visible under the pen’s UV light.  Then he went to ILA and did an assignment.  

Using the invisible ink.  

He claimed he thought the teacher wasn’t going to grade it.  When he turned it in to her, she looked at the paper then back up at him.  

“There’s nothing here,” she said.  

“I know.  I wrote it in invisible ink,” he replied.  

She just stared up at him.  

“I’ll trace over it with a real pen” he said, walking back to his desk.



WE ARE GOING TO STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We placed 3rd in the finals!!!!!!!  Here’s our finals performance.  The video quality is low but I might be able to upload it again at higher resolution.  State competition is Nov. 8 in San Antonio’s Alamodome!