From Evernote:

Baby Snickers

We (the boys and I) took the puppy to the vet this morning for her first visit. As I started thinking about everything I needed to take with me (poop bags, treats, kennel, leash, vaccination records, water & bowl), it hit me – this is very much like having a new baby. I was literally packing the equivalent of a diaper bag! The kennel was kind of like her carseat.

And here I thought I was done having babies.

So we got to the vet, got her up to date on vaccines, then learned that the reason for her frequent need to poop is because she has worms – at least two kinds.

I was incensed when I heard that news. I mean, we paid good money for a dog from a reputable breeder! And she has worms??? Not only that, but one of the vaccines they gave her was given when she was too young, so they had to redo that one.

But then the vet warned me that KIDS can pick up WORMS from DOGS!!!!

Well that’s just fantastic news.

So we are going to have to start being super careful to wash hands after handling her. Hopefully by our next visit, she will be okay.

Also, did you know that puppies, like babies, should not be around other dogs until they have had all their puppy shots? That includes trips to Petco. So I had to leave the two older boys in the car with the engine & A/C running while I took Samuel and ran in to get some things we needed. Like chew sticks, so she will stop eating mulch from the flowerbed. And the bushes. And our toes.

I have to admit, it was really weird leaving the car running with my kids inside. I’ve never done that before. But Peter is 10 and I trust him completely. And everything was just fine, of course.

When we got home, I gave her her pill, fed her, and for the moment she is sleeping. I fed the kids lunch too, and now they are having "rest time" upstairs. Which means now I can finally sit down and maybe even eat a bite.

Wow. So this is how it feels to have four kids. I’m so glad we stopped at three. This is exhausting!!!