You can always tell the quality of the blog post by the title. In this case I was torn between “I got nothin'” and the title I chose.

It’s a shame, too, since blogging has become so effortless with my new iPhone. And by effortless, I of course mean that I can blog lying across my bed while typing with one finger on a pretend keyboard that is approximately the size of my four-year-old’s pinky finger.

So maybe “effortless” is a stretch. But I digress. From writing about nothing – is that even possible?

If this seems a little disjointed, I have a excuse. Early this morning – around 5am I think – a storm rolled through that sent all the kids into our bed, eventually. To my surprise, Peter was the first one down. His window was probably the most exposed to the rain but he was seriously shaken. Matthew was next, but he was having a nosebleed and not all that worried about the storm. Then I walked into the kitchen and thought I found Samuel hiding under the table but he was actually just retrieving his slippers. I bought him some $5 slippers at Target and you would think they were made of silk the way the boy loves them. I personally think it’s the noise they make when he scuffs them across the floor, but whatever the case, they are a treasure to him.

Perhaps it was our early start to the day (which came right after a late night for me – isn’t it always the way it works out?) but I just can’t get motivated to do anything. Like change out of my pajamas, for instance. So here’s a few shots of what our morning has been, so far. Maybe after we get moving I’ll post again with all we’ve accomplished.

Or not.