I’ve had a lot of “spinning plates” lately. Or you could say I’ve been sucking wind, barely staying afloat or pretty much any of the millions of metaphors that describe being very very busy. Too busy to blog, even, which in my world is just not okay. So thank the Lord for Labor Day because I am finally catching my breath!

If you are a single mom reading this, then I would like to just pause for a moment of silence in your honor. I’ve had a few weeks of walking (sort of) in your shoes and I have almost died several times. Once when I was trying to surf the internet while driving 75 mph on the Tollroad (I know, I know – lesson learned) and once from almost dozing off while rushing through the crazy drop-off line at school at the unreasonable hour of 7:30am. Okay, it was 7:50. Maybe 7:55. But still, who can negotiate traffic that early in the morning??? Before my second cup of coffee??? Seems almost inhumane to me. At the very least, unamerican.

But since I lived to blog about the last two weeks, here are some pics of Matthew’s birthday at school, my lunch w/him at Macaroni Grill, Samuel’s first day of preschool and whatever else I find in my photo log. Enjoy.