The Mouse

(This was originally posted 10/16/2008)

Well, I was going to be all cute and tell you the name of this pumpkin/mouse that Peter made – but I can’t remember it! I want to say “Rumpelstiltskin,” but it’s more like “Somebody Stilton.”


This was a project Peter had to do for school, in addition to his first book report (which his teacher let him type! He was ecstatic!) The main character is this character (who shall remain nameless because, well, I can’t remember his name):

The peppermints are his glasses which sit on his nose. Peter would NOT let me use the glue gun to help him make this character, although I think hot glue might have been an improvement on the scotch tape.

And I’m not much of a fan of hot glue. I think it goes back to my growing up years (Will & Bethany, can you give a witness here?). Mom was all about the hot glue gun. Need a button sewn on? Why sew when you can just hot glue it? But in this case, I would have been willing to risk the inevitable smell of burning skin that happens when I heat up ye old glue gun. Because I’m nothing if not a self-sacrificing mother.

I heard that, children.

Now on to my other new pics – additional proof that I AM a self-sacrificing mother! Also, a stir-crazy, need-a-break-from-my-own-four-walls mother. I give you [imagine trumpet fanfare, please] PLANET PIZZA!

I think my favorite part was the bumper cars. As much as I love my own kids, you have to admit that little girlfriend K. looks like a rock star in her black bumper car!

We Interrupt This Blog To Bring You This Special Announcement!

Okay, so you know how I’ve been writing about Hawaii and have been, well, kind of obsessed with the whole trip thing?  Guess what – it hit me today that it’s December.  And I have NOT ONE DECORATION up yet.  I have no Christmas cards mailed, addressed, stamped, or even signed.  I have only a handful of gifts bought – a mere drop in the proverbial bucket.  AND IT’S DECEMBER 5TH!!!!  TWENTY DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!

Not that I’m panicking or anything.

So I got an email from Creative Memories reminding me that I have to order any gifts by December 8th in order to get them in time for Christmas, so I clicked through to their digital center and my mind drifted to someone – who shall remain nameless – who I think would really love some note cards.  I’m not going to order them because I already have too many ideas for that person but it occurred to me that many of you who read my blog may not know about the CM digital center.

The CM digital center is not like the site where you order scrapbooking products.  On this site, you can print photos, create all kinds of photo gifts, design and print Christmas cards, invitations – you name it.  In fact, while I was on my trip, our Christmas cards were delivered.  I debated whether or not to post it here, knowing that probably all of you will be on our card list, but ultimately I decided it was too cute not to share.  And not to brag (okay, maybe I’m bragging a little), but I designed the entire card this year!  In other words, I created it from scratch, mostly using some of the new techniques I’ve been learning from Pixels 2 Pages (you can purchase a subscription on my CM page).

Of course, anything you buy on the digital site will be credited to me, if you just put my name in as your consultant.  Don’t worry – I promise not to put you on any list or anything!  I’m not into all that pressure marketing stuff, and truthfully, I don’t like that CM is a direct marketing company.  The reason I don’t like that is because I don’t like it when people try to sell ME stuff through direct marketing.  But don’t tell them I said that.  I might lose my status as a consultant, and my discount along with it.

So, this concludes our special announcement.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program.  That’s right.  I have a video from my vacation, taken with an underwater camera off the coast of Maui.  It’s hard to believe that just a week and a half ago, I was snorkeling and today we had snow flurries.  Go figure.