Last night, Samuel got REALLY angry with me. Long story short, he didn’t want to clean off the kitchen table and ended up being sent to his learning chair. On his way there, he socked me in the stomach. First time he has EVER hit me.

Thankfully, Daddy was home – after being on travel for 5 months.  So for his first spanking in probably a year, Samuel managed to time it during Daddy’s first week back – not so smart.  When he realized it was Daddy who was going to spank him, he began holding on to me and BEGGING me to administer the consequence.  I wanted to say AS IF!  You punched me, dude!  Man up!

So daddy spanked and then Samuel was sent back to sit in his learning chair in the kitchen.  When daddy didn’t come in after 5 minutes, though, Samuel – like Curious George – let his curiosity get him into trouble.

Sitting on the kitchen counter in plain site was one of those really large containers of Cinnamon, the kind you buy at Sam’s Club.  I used it while cooking dinner and had not yet put it away.  So, you can guess where this story is going…

When we walked into the kitchen, Samuel was running out of the kitchen, obviously trying to find a place to hide.  His face looked like he had been eating chocolate and there was a big wet mess on the floor and on his hands. He had apparently GULPED the cinnamon then, when it started to burn in his mouth, spit it out onto the floor.  And, as it turns out, wet cinnamon looks a lot like chocolate.

Needless to say, Samuel got to spend a little more time in his learning chair, then cleaned up the mess on the floor.  Finally, when that was done, Daddy sent Samuel to the bathroom to scrub his face.  After he emerged, his face had red marks on either side of his mouth, almost like the Cinnamon had burned his face.  In fact, when I asked Samuel later what the Cinnamon tasted like, he said it was like he was eating fire ants.  Lucky for him, I wasn’t cooking with the red pepper!!!