Our ship

As some of you already know, my mother is taking my sister, sister-in-law, and me on a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands next week.

(Excuse me while I do my happy dance.)

Yes, you read that right – I’m going WITHOUT the kids!!!!  And the dog!!!!  And the laundry!!!

Website pic of our room

When Mom called a few months ago and asked if I would be interested, I wanted to go but never dreamed Brad would agree to it.  I mean, I’m leaving the 16th and coming back the 27th!  That, folks, is a LONG TIME to be a single parent!!!  But my knight in shining armor said, “Of course you are going!!! You HAVE to go!  I won’t take no for an answer!”

I’ve never loved him more.

And he’s never wavered once.  I’m going to owe him big time when I get back, but for the moment, I’m just excited thrilled ecstatic besidemyselfabouttojumpoutofmyskin.

Scored this at Sam Moon!

As the days have drawn near for our departure, the four of us going on the trip have begun to post pics of everything we have bought/cut/painted for our cruise.  It’s been so much fun, I’m not sure how the trip could top it (but I’m sure it will).

My sweet new Vera Bradley glasses!!!

I am so richly blessed to have not just a mom and sister who are my very best friends, but a sister-in-law who is so much like us, we all feel like we have known her our whole lives.  She is my sister in every sense of the word.  Not only is she married to my brother and the mother of my two sweet nephews, she was an ADPi at A&M just a few years after I was!  Such a cool coincidence!  Every time I see her, we do the secret handshake.  (Not really – I just put that in there for my sorority sisters who read my blog.)  I think, just for the fun of it, we’ll do one of those cheesy sorority pics where we make a diamond with our fingers – with Hawaii in the background!!!

So it's not ALL glamorous...

So starting next week, I’ll be blogging about our trip.  And writing “Aloha” a lot because, as one of my boys recently informed me “Aloha means hello AND good-bye”.  That, folks, is a multi-tasking word if ever there was one.

This was a STEAL at Costco!!!

Someone's going to miss me.