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Boys having ice cream after Peter’s band concert

Recently, I was in our game room, looking for the cord to the video camera. (Don’t even ask me why I was looking for it in the game room. That’s a story for another day.)  I opened a very large cabinet and discovered clothes filling it from top to bottom, just stuffed in there.  I knew immediately who the culprit was, and hunted him down.  Samuel acknowledged his actions, telling me that he had planned to fold them and put them away (as previously directed) before I found them.  Then, in typical 7 year old boy fashion, he forgot all about them.

Of course, this explains the mystery of why Samuel never has any socks.  Or underwear.  Or PJs.  Or pretty much anything in the clothing department.

So he spent all afternoon one day after school last week folding them and putting them away neatly in his drawers.  Truthfully, even though it was deceptive, I thought it was pretty hilarious.

Until yesterday, when we decided to take advantage of the long weekend (and the rain) to clean out the Game Room.  Before we were done, we had uncovered no less than FIVE such hiding places, all stuffed with Samuel’s clothes.

Oh. My. Word.  I just…never…NEVER imagined he was doing that week after week after week.  So he has been wearing sweaters in the heat, wearing the same clothes over and over again until told not to wear them anymore, and digging through his drawers – and Matthew’s, as it turns out – to find something to wear.

Because it was all part of the same “crime”, he got the same consequence: he got to fold every item and put it away in his drawers.  Later, I promised to help him go through and cull out the clothes he doesn’t like or don’t fit.  But while we all did fun stuff as a family, he was stuck folding clothes in his room.  I hope he learned something.  Lord knows I did!  I learned to pay closer attention to what my kids are doing upstairs!!!!