The last time Brad was about to travel, he stepped out of the bathroom to find this:

Samuel suitcase

When Brad is about to leave on a trip, he says to Samuel “You’re small!  You’ll fit in my suitcase!”  This time, Samuel took him literally.  He even came and told me “You didn’t know I fit inside Daddy’s suitcase???”.  Then he followed up with “If I hid under Daddy’s clothes, how would he know I was in his suitcase?”.

Yeah, like he wouldn’t notice your 40+ pounds of extra weight.

In other news, today was the Celebration of Learning at the boys’ school.  The theme had something to do with acting like superstars so they were instructed to dress up like a rock star.  Here was my boys’ interpretation:

Rock star Peter

Rock star Matthew

And never one to be left out, even though he was still in PJs and not going to school today:

Rock star Samuel

(Disclaimer: I did not pick out their clothes, pajamas, or any part of their costume.  And I certainly had no part in the crazy hairdo of Peter’s.  Just want to make that perfectly clear.)