[Originally posted 8.29.2012]

Took the kids to their first day of school, then drove straight to the new workout facility. Got there in time to see that 1) The previous class was running wind sprints, followed by push ups, then more running, etc. 2) The big man himself – Ron – was our trainer for the day.

I was literally shaking when I exited my car. Ron was here? It was supposed to be Trish! Ron will know – he will KNOW – that I’m afraid and he will push me because of it! He said so himself! Ron will also know that I’m fudging on what I claim to have thought was healthy!

It was like showing up for a test and realizing you forgot to study the really critical part.

Worst. Feeling. Ever.

It turned out okay since he skipped the food (whew!) and went straight to weights. It was “leg day” so we found ourselves trying to compete for machines (we being me and my new BFF Heidi) and pretending to jog around the building.

The strange part happened as I got into my car after it was over. I turned on the music and cranked the a/c and started just singing at the top of my lungs on the drive home. I was just so stinkin’ happy. It felt like Christmas and my birthday all rolled up into one day. I came home, put Snickers on a leash and took her for a walk. I still don’t know what possessed me to do that. I just wanted to be outside, praising God. Then I took a long, hot shower and began getting dressed for the day.

As the day wore on, the “endorphin high” – I suppose that’s what it was – stayed with me. I think it was about Noon when I started to notice I was crashing. And crash I did. I went from practically jogging around the house doing one thing after another, to staring blankly at the kitchen, trying to remember what I was supposed to do next.

I was able to revive somewhat when I went to pick up the boys, but by dinner time I was sucking wind. I have a miserable headache I haven’t been able to knock and even though it’s only 10pm, I’m in bed and ready to go to sleep. I probably could’ve come at 9:30. I’m just so exhausted. That’s a good thing, right???