Between having sick kids, being sick myself, and taking a week long cruise over Christmas, I’ve quit re-posting about the new  little “journey” I’ve been on since about August of 2012.  So here’s the latest installment, initially published on September 3, 2012:

For better or for worse, the private hell I have entered appears to be working. I’ve not only dropped 2.5 lbs since last Sunday (my weigh-in day), I am wearing a dress that just one week ago I wouldn’t have considered wearing because it looked so bad on me. This morning, it looked like it did when I bought it about a year ago. So. There’s that.

Today I am also not hurting so badly. I feel better. I feel stronger, and my feet don’t hurt, despite the fact I’m not wearing my special shoes with the extra high arch. Maybe all this exercise will heal that foot pain I’ve had for so long! We’ll see.

One more thing: last night, I pulled a recipe out of the freezer for everyone to eat called “Cheesy Enchiladas”. Since I couldn’t have it, I made steamed long-grain rice, heated up some black beans and cut up some fresh avocado and tomato and mixed it with some corn and hot sauce in a bowl. It was so yummy! I even tasted the enchiladas, and they were good, but not better than what I was eating. I have come to realize that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean always feeling deprived. Now that might all change when I get my “numbers” and have to start eating within certain guidelines (besides just eating healthy). But for now, I have learned that healthy food can be yummy, even without all the cheese and sauces I’m used to having.