We were watching TV tonight in the Living Room around 11pm when I started thinking my chair was moving. I waited, then started looking behind me to see if one of the kids was possibly standing there, trying to get my attention. That’s when I saw Brad had paused our show and was looking at me with a strange look on his face. Turns out he could feel it too! Then Snickers came out of our bedroom where she had been sleeping in “her” chair, and nosed my hand as if to say “What’s up with the ground moving?”.

I got onto Facebook and instantly everyone was posting they felt it, so it was really a tremor. Come to find out, Oklahoma just had the biggest earthquake in their recorded history – 5.7!!!! And that’s what we felt!!!

Wow. Our first earthquake. Feels like we should have an earthquake party or something. Except it’s really late and I’m sleepy.

On a side note, I’ve finally launched my new blog: www.myscrapbooksite.com. Go check it out!  I mean, go check it out PLEASE.