Strep is winning. Enough said.

Here are some pics. Oh, and the suitcases? They were for the boys’ trip to see Grammy & Poppy tomorrow. For four days. Alone. While Brad & I spent the week here. Also alone. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear Peter has strep. Again. Two days after finishing his antibiotic. Curse you, strep !!! You have come from the pits of Hell to make my life miserable!!!

If you can call sitting with my feet propped up, blogging from my iPhone, waiting on Brad to bring me home some Scotty P’s, miserable. Guess life really is all about perspective, isn’t it?

The other pics – the backpack ones – are a sad reminder that in less than two weeks, my sweet little Matthew will start Kindergarten. And that he needs a haircut, but I digress.

Oh yeah, and the laundry baskets?  See how they are sitting on a nifty shelf above my laundry sink?  My handy dandy husband put that up for me last night!!!  Now the laundry baskets won’t fall on my head when I open the fridge in the laundry room!  Yea for Brad!!!

Final pic is of Samuel playing on my computer.  There was a story there.  Once.  But I forgot it.  So enjoy the pic anyway.  And may your week be strep free. And filled with plenty of Scotty P’s.