The night before we left on our vacation, we had a little early birthday party for Peter and Samuel, both of whom celebrate June birthdays.  We decided it was a good idea to go ahead and give Peter his new Nintendo DSi so we could pass Peter’s year-old DS down to Samuel.  The DSi is pretty cool.  One of the neatest tricks is that it has a built-in camera with a really neat editor.  I was pretty amazed to see Florida, as viewed through Peter’s eyes.

First picture he takes is of...himself, of course!

Fun with the internal editor

I LOVED this one (no pun intended)!

DFW the day we left

Not my best angle...but it's his angle!

Every angle makes Brad look good!

What's up with my eyes???

On the airplane


Um, what???


I think finding this made his day...and Matthew's!!!

Breakfast area of our Embassy Suites...he takes better pics than I do!

View out our hotel window