Well, it’s taken me a few weeks to get caught up with life but I’m finally ready to start recounting our trip.

Before I start with all the mindless details, I have to try something.  When we got to the Magic Kingdom, I was fascinated with the castle.  I have to admit – I grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club and even had ears that I wore when the show was on (didn’t we all back then?).  I always imagined what the real castle would look like, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be so…BIGGER THAN LIFE.  It’s hard to explain, really.  Maybe it’s the paint.  Maybe it’s the detailing in the construction.  Maybe it’s MAGIC.  But during our visit there, I was captivated.

I probably took 50 pictures with that castle in the background, and I video taped it every chance I got.  Then, on our final day, our family posed for the Disney photographers in front of that castle for a picture I was sure would make it into our Christmas Cards.  Of course, that was before I got home and saw that it was $14.95 FOR ONE PICTURE!!!!  Holey Smoley, that’s a lot of moolah, Batman!

So I was looking through the pics today, debating spending that ridiculous sum of money, when I saw that I could create an e-card and link it to my blog!  That’s better than having the thing in my hand anyway.  So, here you go.  Our family at Disney World.  Merry Christmas.

Disney E-Card

Other Disney E-Card