Last night, as I was tucking Samuel into bed, he looked across his room at his calendar and asked me to read what was written at the bottom of the following day – Groundhog Day.  I happily obliged, then realized a heartbeat too late what was coming.

Samuel: “Mommy, what’s Groundhog Day”

Me: “Well, let’s see.  That’s the day that the groundhog comes out – I think his name is Puxahoni something – and if he sees his shadow…if he sees his shadow it means there will be six more months…no, six more weeks of winter.  Yeah.  And his name is Puxahoni Phil, I think.  He lives in Pennsylvania if I’m not mistaken.”

Samuel: (Just stares at me)

Me: (Laughing) “Ha!  I bet you’re looking at me like that because you’re not sure if you should believe me!  But it’s all true.  Really – it really really is.”

Samuel: (Still staring at me)

Me: (Still laughing) “No, really.  I’m just laughing at the look on your face.  It really is true!  Ask your teacher tomorrow!  Or better yet, here – I’ll Google it for you.”

So I actually Googled Groundhog Day for Samuel and showed him a picture of Puxa-whatever his name is-Phil.  Turns out a Groundhog is a rodent.  Did you know that?  I learn something new every time I Google.  Anyway, he was finally convinced – if not thoroughly – that I wasn’t tricking him.

Meanwhile, after he had been in bed a little while, he came bounding downstairs to show me that he had lost his first tooth!

I told him to put it under his pillow and hope the Groundhog doesn’t eat it.  Because rodents eat anything.

He just stared at me.