We had a fun – but quieter than normal – Halloween.  I think because it was Sunday night, and Brad and Matthew were just back from the camp out, we were all a little subdued.  Nevertheless, we toured the same two streets we normally tour – ours and the one behind it – and it was all the boys needed to end up with full sacks of candy.  We saw several of our neighbor friends and learned that several from Matthew’s class live right here close by us.  So not much to report – but some cute pictures of the boys to post.

Peter was Luigi, and after every house he would do a little jump with his fist pumping the air and say “Luigi say thank you!”.  Don’t really know why, but it was pretty funny.  Matthew was a storm trooper and Samuel was Buzz Lightyear.

Peter’s costume came complete with a blow-up stomach, which is why he looks like he ate too much candy…prior to going begging trick or treating for it.