It’s official.  I’ve lost my mind.  I blame the month of May.

This morning, I told the boys they would need to empty the dishwasher at some point in the day.  This afternoon, I threatened reminded them again.  They complied, then skipped happily outside to play.

It was quiet for about half an hour.  I got suspicious so I first went to see if they finished the dishwasher.

Yep, it was empty.  Only someone forgot to run it last night.  So what they emptied were the dirty dishes.

I quickly surmised that I was going to have to wash all the silverware and possibly all the rest of the dishes, as well.

It was 6pm when I decided this, and dinner time was half an hour ago.  Time for some take-out.  I grabbed my purse and keys and headed outside, only to discover why the boys have been so quiet.

Yesterday, I opened our sandbox, which was half full of water and half full of sand, so that the water would evaporate.

Then I forgot.


Yeah.  Not my smartest move.

Looks like we’ll be eating hot dogs on paper plates with plastic forks.  And whatever else I can find that will make tonight’s disaster into something resembling a picnic.

Did I mention Brad is traveling tonight?  You probably guessed.  Just one night.  He’ll be home tomorrow.  But for now, I’m on my own.

[Edited to add that just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Samuel decided to throw Cheese-It crumbs like confetti during dinner.  Hence the following picture – although it doesn’t do justice to the mess.  Or my level of despair.]