We can’t find Matthew’s Blankie. We’ve lost him before, but always found him before Matthew went to bed. But I’ve searched the whole house and he is nowhere to be found.

What’s worse, I’m the reason he’s missing. You want to talk about mother guilt – I have a HUGE case of it right now. You see, we have these new maids that come every other week and it really freaks Matthew out to have someone vacuum his room because (Heaven forbid) they might suck up a Lego!!! So before they come, I walk through his room in search of Legos, then, as an extra precaution, put Blankie in Matthew’s nightstand. I did walk his room today – I just forgot all about Blankie.

My worst fear is that they mistook him for a rag and he is now in their washing machine along with all their other rags. Poor Blankie. After a life of pampering and love to be turned into a cleaning rag…you deserved better than this! All the comfort you have brought Matthew…All those nights of him “feeling” you…you’ve been such a good friend, and now THIS is how we repay you!

Yes, I admit it. I have been praying for Blankie and for his safe return to Matthew’s bed. Maybe he will turn up tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I may need a sedative to help me sleep.