I have just read the funniest thing…I was laughing so hard, I had a coughing fit!  Okay, so breathing too hard is giving me coughing fits today, but I’m just saying, she’s so funny!  Here’s the link:http://boomama.net/2008/11/03/but-sadly-one-of-the-jackets-was-too-beige-y-beige/.  And as long as I’m inserting links, our pastor preached a really great sermon on how America really was founded as a Christian nation.  Here’s the link:http://www.firstdallas.org/.  The whole sermon was geared around the election tomorrow, so if you’re reading my blog and an undecided voter, I highly recommend you listen to the sermon before tomorrow.  Of course, if you’re reading my blog and you’re an undecided voter, I’m betting I don’t know you and therefore you should not have access to my blog.


With that said, here are some pictures from P’s choir performance last night.  I tried very hard to find one in which he was not turned around, staring at himself on the big screen, but this was the best I could do.

Peter singing at FBCD

P singing at church

The big picture

The big picture

I wish I could post the video but alas, it’s too big of a file and I can’t figure out how to cut just a portion of it to paste.

Oh!  Gotta run – DCC just came on (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader – Making the Team, for those of you who don’t know).  I’m not a huge football fan (of the Cowboys anyway), but I love this reality show.  Probably shouldn’t admit that outloud.  But the part of me that’s all happy inside because I’m in bed at 9:30pm is also so happy to have this show on.  Bye!