2013-12-06 07.59.18We’ve just been through another ice storm – this time only four days – but it was pretty bad.

It all started Thursday.  I was aware of the possibility of snow and ice, but we had company coming in town so I had to make a run to the grocery store.  I went around mid-day, and as I pulled into the parking lot, my windshield was starting to see a few tiny drops of water, but it never crossed my mind it was the beginning of the sleet.  However, by the time I walked out of the store, it was sleeting in full force, and to my dismay, my car was facing straight North!!!  My windshield was totally iced over, and it was almost time for me to pick up the kids from school!  2013-12-07 08.32.53I had to sit in the parking lot and melt the windshield with my heater until the wipers could clear it enough for me to see out.  Then as I drove to get the kids, I received a text from the district that all after school activities were cancelled.  We got home and it was coming down hard!  I called my husband to caution him to get on the road, and thankfully, he made it home without any problems, but our house guests did have a minor accident later that evening when they were going through an intersection and were rear-ended.  That night, I was awake off and on as the sleet pelted our North-facing bedroom windows for what seemed like the entire time.  I think they cancelled school before we even went to bed Thursday night, so the kids were home on Friday, along with Brad and our house guests – Brad’s brother and his wife.

2013-12-08 11.23.13Saturday found us all wearing our pj’s and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors from inside by the fire, but by Sunday, we were all starting to feel a bit of cabin fever.  When our company tried to run some errands, but returned before even making an attempt, we learned just how treacherous the conditions were.  Thankfully, they were able to make it the airport Monday morning even though the district decided to go ahead and cancel school for another day to let the roads clear.  By tonight, the roads were mostly dry but our yard is still covered in a layer of white.  It looks pretty, but after melting slightly and refreezing several times, it’s extremely thick and impossible to break through.  Walking on it is akin to trying to walk on an icy pond without your skates.  Thankfully, I was able to spend another day warm by the fire with the kids, but tomorrow, we’re back to school.  All good things must come to end, I suppose.

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