2014-01-23 14.24.16 For months now, I’ve been hearing all the hype surrounding the movie Frozen, but just never made it to the theater to see it.  But last night, we finally rented it and watched it in our new media room.  It was as close to being in the theater as you can get without actually going…with a few exceptions.  For instance:

  • In a real theater, you probably wouldn’t have to fight the dog for space on the couch.
  • In a real theater, you wouldn’t worry about people spilling food and drink on your carpet.
  • In a real theater, you wouldn’t have children fighting over the seat closest to the outlet, so they could charge their iPods. That way, they have them to play on during the slow parts of the movie.
  • In a real theater, you probably wouldn’t have to endure all the catcalls and boos every time the characters broke out in song.  That’s what I get for watching the movie with boys.

However, I still LOVED the movie and loved the music so much, I immediately purchased the soundtrack and have been listening to it over and over.  It has far exceeded all my expectations, even with the hoopla surrounding its release.  It really is like an animated Broadway Musical.  [Full disclosure: I have never actually been to see a Broadway musical, nor have I even been to Broadway.  Or New York, for that matter.  But it’s what I imagine it to be like.]

The best part about watching it at home was the price.  We paid the extra dollar for the HD version, so if you split the $6 between all 5 of us (6 if you count the dog), and if you then subtract that from the price of 5 tickets (guess we wouldn’t have taken the dog to the theater)…well, that math is too hard for me to do at 8:43am but let me just say, that media room will pay for itself in, like 20 years or something!  (Besides, who can put a price on getting to watch TV with the dog?)

Of course, the reason we went ahead and did the room was for sports.  Don’t let Brad convince you otherwise.  I’ve never seen such delight as when he turns on the Texas Rangers and looks up at me and says “LOOK HOW BIG THEY ARE!!!”.  Personally, I can’t wait for football season, and especially the Aggie games.  Maybe by then we will have adequate seating and concrete floors.  Now THAT will feel like a real theater!