I really am tired of posting about our trip.  But now I’m scrapbooking about it so it’s on my mind.  Truth be told, it’s not the trip that I’m thinking about – it’s my new digital scrapbooking software that kept me up until 3am on Saturday morning!  I love to scrapbook – have been doing it since 1994 – but for all my love of the art, I have very little to show for it.  There’s the honeymoon album (my first), then a couple of weak attempts to do a yearly scrapbook – I think one is only a picture or two short of being complete.  Then there are the boys albums – I did finish Peter’s and I think I even finished Matthew’s.  Samuel’s, well, I couldn’t tell you.  I know I started it at some point…and that’s where the trail goes cold.  Because, as much as I love to scrapbook, there was no way I could have non-erasable pens, cutting devices and multiple pairs of scissors lying around with 3 boys crawling, toddling and finally running around the house.  Even now, I shudder to think of the damage they could do if they ever stumbled across my stash.

But finally, I broke down and bought the digital scrapbooking software that Creative Memories sells.  Yes, I’m aware that there are plenty of nice free versions available, but this program has the feel of truly scrapbooking.  You purchase the accessories in the form of a download, then reuse them indefinitely.  And so begins another expensive hobby.

Now that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, just LOOK at the cute pages I have created!!!  So worth it – even if I can barely hold my head up and my eyes from keep crossing!

A few words in my defense: this is still a work in progress, so you can see that the further you go, the less I have journaled.  Just like with a traditional scrapbook, I plan to add that as I go.  Of course, unlike a traditional scrapbook, the digital one can be changed indefinitely – which may be my downfall.  I keep going back and rearranging pictures and retyping text ad nauseum, so this may be the only version of my scrapbook that ever exists – the one in my computer!  Sort of like all those digital pictures that live somewhere in cyberspace.

Although, speaking of that, I decided this week to start backing up my hard drive.  Good move, I suppose.  Sort of like insurance – I’ll look brilliant if the house burns down!  Unless I started the fire, and then I’ll look a lot like the person who backed her husband’s car into a pole in the downtown parking garage.  Insurance did pay for some of that, but I can’t really act like I’m the hero in that scenario.

But I digress.

Well, I’ve wasted some serious time here but I just had to share.  I’ll post more when I get them done!  Maybe you guys will keep me accountable this time around!