We have had an eventful weekend.  And it’s only Friday.  I’m not sure we can stand much more excitement.

I say weekend, but it started yesterday which technically isn’t part of the weekend.  Nevertheless, yesterday Matthew had his end of school program.  Then we had Kindergarten Orientation.  Then Brad took Peter & Matthew to our niece’s High School graduation.  And got home at 10:30pm.  Then the boys were up at 6:20am today.  Then Peter went to school.  Then I ran to Target to shop for Peter’s birthday.  Then I came home and this happened:


Goose Egg

Goose Egg

Samuel's Goose Egg

I’m not sure pictures can do it justice.  It’s huge.  It’s nasty.  And scared.the.living.daylights.out.of.us.

We may tend to panic more easily than most people, but when I looked down at Samuel’s forehead and saw the lump swelling, I yelled for Brad.  He saw it and immediately said “We have to take him to the emergency room.  He’s bleeding under there!”

I blame all the “House” reruns we’ve been watching.

Anyway, we grabbed the boys and started heading for Acute Kids, which was my mistake.  I thought that’s where the Pediatrician told me to take them.  Thankfully, Brad questioned me enough times that I finally called and sure enough, they were not even open.  So I called our pediatrician.  They sent us to their Frisco office where the nurse looked at him immediately and said it was just a goose egg and nothing to worry about.  Then the doctor saw us and checked him out thoroughly.  So he’s fine, but I’m still coming down off my adrenaline high.

I may have left my wits somewhere on the Tollroad when we were going 85 miles an hour.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we stopped at Sonic to get lunch on the way home and I got the worst cherry limeade I have ever ordered.  But I didn’t taste it in time to send it back, so I have been adding various things to it since we got home in an attempt to salvage it.  I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Well, we’re clearly recovering if my biggest concern is my drink.  Here’s to the remainder of our weekend being dull and boring.  Cheers!

[Edited to add: Here’s a video of Samuel mimicking something he heard on a video game.  In case you can’t understand him, he’s saying “I’ve got a boo boo, oh yeah”:]


[Edited AGAIN to add this video of Matthew’s take on the quote from above.  Just saw it for the first time and had to put it on here.]