This year, we have been exceptionally well.  We have probably not had more than a handful of illnesses among the five of us all year.  And that’s really saying something, since we are usually the ones who keep the pediatrician in business.   I knew I was visiting too often when I showed up one time and the receptionist said “Oh good, it’s Mrs. Just!  I was hoping you would be in today because you always pay with cash and we’re running low.”  Glad to be of service.

So I knew our time of sickness was coming, and I pretty much figured it would come during The 2 Weeks Of Travel.  I capitalized it because that’s how we’ve been referring to it: The 2 Weeks Of Travel.

Sure enough, right on schedule, as Brad’s plane departed DFW last Monday, I was calling the pediatrician’s office for an appointment.    It was Samuel, and he tested positive for Strep.  Fabulous start to The 2 Weeks Of Travel.

After the mandatory 3-5 days incubation period for Strep, I was astounded no one else was sick.  I mean, they pretty much tell you to go ahead and book your other children for an appointment when one of the kids has a positive test.  In our family, we usually all have it a couple of times before ridding the bacteria adieu.  But lo and behold, this time we lived through it with only one case.  I thought we were home free.

Brad was home Thu-Sun, which meant the kids were feeling great for those four days.  Then Monday afternoon, Samuel started having stomach pains.  Then he – how shall I put this? – started having bowel issues.  As in, stomach-virus-that-doesn’t-make-you-throw-up bowel issues.  It got bad, people.  I had flashbacks of potty training.

Then on Tuesday, I spoke to the doctor’s office.  They thought it might be a reaction to his antibiotic.  More meds and strict BRAT diet later, he was doing much better.  So much better, I thought maybe he was well.  He was not, as evidenced by the 6am wake-up call I received today.  Oh well, that’s why we put in cheap carpet upstairs.

Today wasn’t as bad, but I was still very cautious in what he ate.  I am pretty sure it wasn’t a virus because none of the rest of us had any symptoms.

Instead, right before bed tonight, Matthew started complaining of a bad headache and chills.  When I took his temperature, you guessed it – 101 degrees.  Is it Friday yet???

It’s a good thing Brad doesn’t have any more trips scheduled because I might be tempted to lock the doors and tell him he’s not allowed to leave.

Better yet, maybe next time I’ll steal his ticket and leave him here with the kids!

(JK – then I would have to go do all that nasty work stuff he’s been doing.  I think I would rather deal with a stomach virus than attend that class he’s in this week.  I mean, they make you do stuff like meet people and even work with them!  I’m so anti-social, I don’t even answer the door for the UPS guy.  You think I’m kidding?)

Since I’ve been pretty preoccupied these last few weeks, I haven’t had time to post much, so here are some pics I’ve been meaning to put up.

McDonalds at Legacy and Teel - worth the trip just to see this cool ball thing!

McDonalds at Legacy and Teel - worth the trip just to see this cool ball thing!

Peter's Star Of The Week Poster

Peter's Star Of The Week Poster. Can you tell he did it all by himself?

Samuel officially switched to a booster seat last week!

Samuel officially switched to a booster seat last week!

I have more pictures on the other computer, but it’s shut down for the night.  Which reminds me, I should probably go shut down and log off and all that good stuff too.  It’s liable to be a long night.