We’ve been immersed in Christmas programs, Christmas parties, Christmas presents, Christmas shopping and making Christmas candy.

I feel like any moment, my ears are going to get pointy and I will see jingle bells on the toes of my shoes.

The good news is that this season allows for a lot of photo ops.  The bad news is that in order to get said photos, you must attend all the events.

It was a pain, but now that we’re done with all but the family stuff – and, you know, Christmas – I have plenty of cute videos and pictures to post.

First, the boys were all in choir this year, so we got to see them all perform the same evening at church.  Here was the preschool choir (Samuel is just off center to the Left, middle of the row):

Then afterward, the children’s choir performed:

In this photo, Peter is on the right and Matthew is on the far left, but I think Matthew was directly behind one of the soloists.  Here are some close-ups:

After the concert, the church had a pizza party for the kids and their parents, complete with a chocolate fountain!  It was the first time the boys were exposed to such amazing amounts of goodness and they had a truly wonderful time.  We all did.  But the best part of the evening were these two pictures:

There was another picture with me and all the boys but I didn’t look good in it so it has been banished to cyberspace.