I promised video from Samuel’s preschool Christmas performance, and here it is!


He was one of the four kings, as you can see, but with a crooked crown.  I think he would have made a better Mary, but don’t tell him I said that.

So we made it through all the Christmas parties, the performances, the gift making and giving and now all that’s left is the actual Christmas holiday.

Which is good, since Matthew & I are now sick.

The good news is that being sick has given me a free pass to lounge in bed, sipping hot tea and reading a good book.


(Sorry.  Just had to get that out.)

Anyway, my throat feels like someone has sliced and diced it but with enough Advil, I am still able to clean out the game room, which is my number one objective for this holiday season.

Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas to me!