Peter came downstairs this morning singing a little made up song about it being the first day of school.  It was so cute, and had me laughing to myself about how weird it is that he likes school so much.  I don’t remember being happy about going back to school – EVER.  But then again, it’s possible I was happy the morning of the first day – and then it wore off.  I have a feeling he won’t be singing tomorrow.  But it was a nice start anyway!

Matthew never sings spontaneously.  In fact, the first words out of his mouth are usually “Peter/Samuel/You/Daddy woke me up this morning!”.  And it’s never a happy thing when someone wakes Matthew up.  So now, Matthew has an alarm clock, which he is responsible for setting.

Here are some first day pics (Peter is making the number 4 for 4th grade):