Last night, I was up with Samuel so many times, I lost count.  I remember 3 times for sure around the Midnight-2am time range, then two more times in the early morning 5-7am range.  But there might have been more because they are all merging in my head. 

Why, you ask, was Samuel awake all night?  Good question.  Let me ask him.  He says:

“‘Cause I want be awake.  I wake up with things.  That why I want be awake.” 

There you have it.

No, in reality, it was because he was sick.  He was coughing (croup, round 2 perhaps?) but mostly just very congested.  Today hasn’t been much better, despite the Zyrtec and cough medicine I gave him.  Of course, this is to be expected since Brad is travelling tonight.  At least this is the last trip of the year for Brad.

I decided today to play a game with myself.  Since I was extremely tired from being up all night (see above), and since our big Christmas party is Friday, I decided to pretend the party was tomorrow and spend the day cleaning with that in mind.  It has been amazing how much I have accomplished using this mentality and the timer!  As I told mom earlier, 3 of the 5 bathrooms are clean!  To which she replied, “Did you ever think you would make THAT statement???”

Well, that’s all the time I have for an update.  Samuel is, well, dripping.  And I am sans Kleenex.  More later, I suppose. 

[P.S. If post-nasal drip is when it drips down your throat, what is it called when it drips out your nose?  Pre-nasal drip?  Nasal drip?  Gross?]