Peter and his “little” brother Matthew

Tonight, the two older boys had High School Band Night, where next year’s band gathers to meet the director, learn a little about how to march, and get the music for the show they will perform next Fall.  

Peter was coming from the CTE on the bus (his “A” day schedule), so he wouldn’t arrive until 5pm.  It started at 4:30pm.  That meant I had to drop Matthew off alone at the High School band hall, knowing he would be there without Peter for the first half hour.  

As I watched him walk in with his trumpet in hand, I felt…panicked.  What if he can’t handle it?  What if he gets upset?  He’s only 14 and he’s autistic.  Who will be there to help him if he needs support?

In my panic, I called Brad and he reassured me that Matthew would be fine.  So I relaxed and tried not to think about what was happening at the High School.  It helped knowing Matthew had his phone and could text me to come get him if anything happened.

At 7pm, Brad and I drove over for the parent meeting with the new director.  After it was over, we met up with the boys outside the gymnasium…and they were both ALL SMILES.  I knew immediately everything was going to be okay.  They told us that apparently, everyone who already knew Peter was astounded at how much Matthew sounds like Peter (???).  They kept having Peter say a word, then Matthew say the same word, then hooted over how you couldn’t tell them apart based on voice alone.  

Peter also looked over at one point and just started laughing as a bunch of his buddies were surrounding Matthew, looking for dirt on his older brother.

Matthew reported being tired, but he was seriously so happy, I could have danced a little jig (except I’m not allowed to dance or sing in the presence of my teen boys – they officially banned it years ago.).  

All is good in my world tonight.