2014-09-06 12.38.30We recently celebrated Matthew’s 11th birthday.  I have a few pictures from the party but not much to report.  It was fun and I bribed my kid with promises to decorate the house to the hilt and thus save myself the cost of a party at Main Event.  And so I delivered…with a little help2014-09-06 10.24.38-2.


2014-09-06 12_56_582014-09-05 16_35_24Besides the party, we’ve been busy with school.  Samuel did get two more brackets put on his top teeth.  The teeth just on either side of his front teeth finally came in enough to add the brackets so we are hoping things move along quicker now.  He’s got a long way to go before he’s 2014-09-11 16.17.22done with braces.  He just came in while I was writing this post and said that he wished there was a cloud that followed him everywhere – with a hole in it for the sun to shine through – that constantly rained down candy on him.  When I said that wouldn’t be very good for his teeth, his solution was for there to be a cushion of vegetables around each tooth so that when you ate the candy, the vegetables would be against your teeth but you would taste chocolate instead.

2014-09-16 13_47_31And then there was the dog.  Today, while I sat in the chair and worked on my laptop, Snickers used my iPad for a pillow.  A little later, after digging outside in the mud, Samuel noticed her paws were muddy.  Before I could tell her to get off the couch, she started to clean them herself.

2014-09-16 16.49.02

I could write more, and I would love to fix the formatting of the pictures and the link to the video but I’m falling asleep with my eyes open and the kids aren’t even in bed yet.  When did I get so old???