A few nights ago, I was getting ready to tuck Samuel into bed and he handed me a note, then slipped down beneath the covers – head and all.  The  note said “Please don’t bother mommy”.

I asked him what it meant and here’s the ensuing conversation:

Samuel: “It’s for the other boys, to tell them not to bother you in the morning so you can have some alone time.”

Me: “Do you think I need some alone time?”

Samuel: “Yes.  I’ve noticed you’ve been having a bad attitude for the last week.”

Me: “Really?  You’ve noticed that?  I thought I was doing a good job of hiding it.”

Samuel: “I always notice.”

Me: “And you think having alone time would help?”

Samuel: “Yes.  Or playing a game with me.  You always seem in a not bad attitude when you play a game with me.”

Me: “I think you were right in the beginning.  I think maybe my problem is that I need to spend time with Jesus in the morning.  I was angry about something last night and when I’m angry, my anger squeezes Jesus over to the side so that He’s not in charge of my heart anymore – my anger is.”

Samuel: “Well, maybe what I will do is make a picture of Jesus and show it to you to remind you to not squeeze Him out tomorrow.”

Me: “That’s a good idea, or maybe you could just pray for me.”

Samuel: “Okay, but I’m also going to make a sign.  To remind you.”

The moral of this story?  Kids notice EVERYTHING.  Even though I think I can hide my bad attitude, they can see right through me.