We just got new shutters installed on some of our windows, and I’m so excited!!!  Two years in the house and we still had paper on the windows in three of our rooms – including the master bedroom.  But we finally saved up the money and here is the new look:

Laundry room

Samuel's room

Matthew's room

And, the one you’ve been waiting for – ta da!

The Master Bedroom

It might not mean much to you, but as you might imagine, it’s like Christmas Day for me!!!  Yay!

Oh, and now that I’ve moved my “office” (read: computer) into our bedroom, Samuel has a new place to play:

Next, it’s time to start saving up for a new bedspread.  If you can imagine, we got that Laura Ashley set from my parents as a wedding gift – in 1992!  I’d say after 18 years, we’ve gotten our money’s worth!!!