Hi. I’m writing to you from the GLORIOUS Love Field, where I am awaiting my flight to San Antonio. I just did something really embarrassing, so of course I had to hop right on the FREE WIFI and blog about it.

I was 2 hours early for my flight – AS PER THE SOUTHWEST WEBSITE thankyouverymuch. I made it through security despite the tears that refused to stop rolling down my face (saying good-bye to my family for a week and a half was every bit as hard as I expected it to be) and walked down to my gate – Gate 14. I even stopped at the restroom on my way down.

So when they called the flight number and followed it with the words “Gate 14”, I naturally assumed we were boarding early. REALLY early, but I don’t wear a watch so I didn’t realize it was, in fact, over an hour early.

I had a nice visit with the man in line in front of me. He kept talking about Hobby, which confused me since I was almost 100% sure the name of this airport was Love. But then he mentioned living in Pearland and I realized he must have flown to Dallas from Houston and was now heading to San Antonio for some reason.

I already felt a bit conspicuous, given my bright pink Vera Bradley bag, fluorescent pink toenails and sandals – which I am wearing in 60 degree weather.

So when the man at the counter, the one who scanned my boarding pass, yelled “BRITANY” down the jetway, my cheeks started to burn a little. I turned back around, headed back UP the jetway, and endured the humiliation of hearing that question you never want an airport employee to ask: “Where are you going?”

“San Antonio”, I replied.

“This flight is going to Houston,” said he.

“Oh. I thought I read Gate 14 on the board,” I said as cheerfully as I could.

“You did. Your flight just doesn’t leave for an hour and a half.”

“Wow! Good catch!” I said as I took my boarding I ducked my head and pretended to have a REALLY IMPORTANT message on my phone.

The worst part is that I have an app that tells me when my flight is 2 hours away, then 1 hour away, then when they start boarding, etc. All that would have been really helpful except that my phone was already turned to airplane mode. Because I thought I was about to leave.

Clearly I am an experienced traveler.

I just hope my mom and sister and SIL are better at this than I am. Because if we end up in Houston instead of Honolulu, I am pretty sure it will be my fault.