Yesterday, Matthew got his folder signed. This was not just a warning – it was a note from his teacher that said “I will call you”. Yipee.

I asked Matthew what he had done and he told me his teacher made him mad so he stuck his tongue out at her.

Lovely. On his fourth day of Kindergarten, my son stuck out his tongue at his teacher. There’s something to keep for the ol’ scrapbook.

My favorite part of my phone conversation with Mrs. Nieto was when she sweetly asked “Have you seen this type of behavior at home?”. I wanted so badly to say “What?!? Oh heaven’s, no! Our sweet innocent Matthew has never so much as talked back to us!!!”.

But I know myself well enough to know I could never get the words out with laughing out loud. Which might be a tip-off to her that she has bigger problems to deal with than just Matthew’s tongue. In fact, I thought about telling Mrs. Nieto that she’s lucky that’s the worst part of Matthew she’s seen this week.

So today is day five and I thought it would be a good idea to show up for lunch. Friday is pizza day and so I loaded up Samuel and off we went, running late as usual. We arrived at the office just in time for Kinder lunch (can you imagine – they eat lunch at 10:20am!) only to realize I left my wallet at home. With my driver’s license. Which Frisco now requires in order to get through the door. Thankfully, Julie knows me and told me they are giving us a week’s grace period. Whew!

So far, so good. We were through the doors and met up with Matthew in the hall just as he reached the lunch room. I sat Samuel at a table and went to help Matthew on his first time through the cafeteria line.

He was so excited! And the cafeteria ladies assured me I could charge Samuel’s lunch to Matthew’s account, which was a good thing since I had no money with me.

We had just taken our seats and started opening our milk bottles when the fire alarm went off. I happened to be sitting with a perfect view of the kitchen and saw these automatic garage-type doors begin to close right in the midst of all the Kindergarteners. In moments, the teachers sprang into action and in an impressive display of efficiency, got all the children lined up and filing quietly out the cafeteria doors to a sidewalk on the far side of the parking lot.

I thought it was surprising that they would already be having a fire drill so early in the year bur the teachers appeared calm and even relaxed so I assumed it had to be a drill.

My first clue that I might be wrong came when the fire truck with lights flashing and sirens on came wheeling into the school parking lot. When a second truck showed up followed by five Frisco ISD trucks and even the fire chief, I knew it was a real fire.

We sat outside for quite a while watching the firemen go in and out of the school. At one point, there was water flooding out from the service doors to the cafeteria, and when we went back in, I could still smell the smoke. Something burned and I can’t be sure but I’m just betting it was one of those pizzas.

They served everyone lunch in their rooms today and Matthew did great until he saw his tray and realized they had given him plain milk instead if strawberry and cucumbers instead of corn. He started to really cry and I couldn’t calm him down for a while. But he finally came around. That’s when Samuel started to get upset because he wasn’t going to get a tray after all.

I thought it best to make my exit quickly. When Matthew realized I was leaving, he got upset all over again and wanted to come home with me. I knew he needed to stay and left as quickly as I could, but when I got home, the whole week’s worth of emotions flooded over me and I finally had a good cry over my sweet little Matthew starting school.

Now I just have one question: Is it the weekend yet????

Below, I will attach a couple of pictures from lunch today.