[Originally posted on 8.29.2012]

I. Hurt. All. Over.

iHurt. It could be my new nickname.

Yesterday, we did leg weights. I sweated, but then I came home and took an Aleve and it was all good.

Today was cardio. Today, we mounted an exercise bike, tightened the screw so it was like we were “mudding”, then rode it like that for 50 seconds. We had 10 seconds to transition to the floor where we switched to push ups. After 50 seconds of push ups, we had 10 seconds to transition back to the bike, where we rode another 50 seconds through the mud. And so on, and so on. At some point we switched to sit ups (I couldn’t do even 1 sit up. Did crunches instead – and modified push ups, of course). Then toward the end, we did “Cherry Pickers” which is standing up (thank the Lord) and then just reaching down and touching 3 places on the ground – just in front of you, back a ways, then finally between your legs as far as you can reach. We did these holding weights yesterday.

This series of exercises went on for close to an hour. To say I am sore would be a massive understatement. I’m not sore – I’m in pain. iHurt.

Tomorrow is upper body. Yippee. At least it’s not going to be like today. Nothing could be as bad as today.