Thanks for stopping by my personal blog. I write mostly for extended family to keep up with us, but anyone is welcome! I am highly sarcastic so take everything you read with a grain of salt. I also tend to exaggerate. I am a work in progress and working to help my children progress at the same time. You can reach me at [email protected].

Hello there!

I'm Britany Just

This is my blog, I am a Texan, born and bred, interested in digital scrapbooking, writing, family history, and Jesus. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to chat, or comment on my posts. Either way, I’d love to get to know you! You can reach me at [email protected].



I have been absent from the blog for quite a while now, and even my husband has noticed. That’s really saying something. I believe my

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A Lesson Learned

*Update: I found Matthew’s Blankie!!!! It was in Samuel’s dirty laundry basket!!!! Yay!!!! This morning, Samuel was up at 6:45 – stealing my last precious

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We had such a nice surprise this morning!  Snow was falling from the sky!  Here are some pics and a video or two, if I

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I try really hard not to complain here on the blog because, let’s face it – you’ve got better things to do than read about

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Is It Just Me?

I started writing this post after running out to pick up dinner for me and Brad on Friday night. (We had one of those date

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Human Bowling

One of the most challenging aspects of being the mother of 3 boys is encouraging the use of their imaginations (over the use of their

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Is It Friday Yet?

Today is the FOURTEENTH DAY for us to have the flu. That, folks, is a long time. The good news is that Peter’s temperature is

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Your Daily Flu Update

Well, just when we thought we were nearing the end of the Flu Epidemic of 2009, last night Peter’s temp shot up from the 99

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It was last Thursday when Samuel first started running a low-grade fever.  Matthew threw up the next morning and, well, you know the rest.  Samuel

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Taste Bugs

I always thought the little sheets the preschool sent home was a waste. I mean, it’s nice that today Samuel was line leader and they

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Apartment Fire

On the way down to church tonight, we passed this apartment fire in Plano. Don’t know anything about it but hoping everyone made it out

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