Thanks for stopping by my personal blog. I write mostly for extended family to keep up with us, but anyone is welcome! I am highly sarcastic so take everything you read with a grain of salt. I also tend to exaggerate. I am a work in progress and working to help my children progress at the same time. You can reach me at [email protected].

Hello there!

I'm Britany Just

This is my blog, I am a Texan, born and bred, interested in digital scrapbooking, writing, family history, and Jesus. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to chat, or comment on my posts. Either way, I’d love to get to know you! You can reach me at [email protected].


Pool, Day 6 & 7

My apologies for this post.  It’s been a continual source of frustration!!!  Hopefully this will be the last update! Day 6 was a pretty dull

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Pool, Day Five

Wednesday morning was Gunite.  In fact, the Gunite people arrived at – I kid you not – 6:45am.   It didn’t take much to get Samuel out of bed. 

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Pool, Day Four

I’m writing these posts with a few days of hindsight, since I didn’t begin the day we started on the pool. However, today was pretty

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Pool, Day Three

Between the last post and this post, we had a weekend.  And on Sunday night, a really bad line of storms blew through the area. 

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Pool, Day Two

Once the excavation was complete, the crew with all the steel re-bar showed up to create what’s called “belly steel”.  It was fascinating to see

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The Pool Saga Begins

For the past year or so, we’ve gone back and forth about building a pool in our back yard.  There were pros, there were cons,

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When I was growing up, we used to wait with bated breath for the Sunday paper and the part we called the “Funnies”, aka the

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Just Matthew

So I've started watching the TV show Parenthood. I was told by several people that I should watch it when it first started because there

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‘Tis The Season For Grace

I listen to the local Christian radio station, and every year around this time, the stories start coming out about “random acts of kindness” or

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Driving On Ice

The ice storm over the past weekend may be ancient history for most people, but we still have so much ice on our driveway, I

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Ice Storm of 2013

We’ve just been through another ice storm – this time only four days – but it was pretty bad. It all started Thursday.  I was

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Ready Or Not

Well, it’s here. All the wailing of gnashing of teeth cannot stop the march of time that has brought us here, to the brink of

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R & R

Well, today has more than made up for all the stress of our car dying and having to purchase a new one toot sweet. Or

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