Weekend before last, the boys raced their derby cars for Adventure Guides.  Here are a few highlights from our weekend:

"Tiger Claw" & "Lion King"

"Tiger Claw" and "Lion King"

"Little Spike" and "Tiger Claw"

Other brother

Little Brother (aka, "No Name Yet")

The Wolverines!

First place!!!

Happy Camper!

Not so happy anymore

Judging the cars

Race Track

My plan with this entry was to simply upload some key photos from our weekend and chronicle how it all turned out, but when I was going through the photos, Matthew wandered in and saw his car.  He pointed at the screen and shouted “The Possum!!!”.  Peter heard the yell and came running.  He saw Matthew’s car and said, “That’s not ‘The Possum’!  That’s ‘The Phantom’!”.

Matthew replied, “Oh yeah.  ‘The Phantom”.”

Next picture, same conversation.

Next picture, same conversation, only now Peter’s getting annoyed.  “Matthew, you’re the one who put the name on your car!  Why do you keep calling it ‘The Possum’?”  Matthew doesn’t respond.

Next picture, Matthew yells “The Possum!!!” and now, Peter is truly upset.  He turns to Matthew and says “THE NAME IS THE PHANTOM!  IT’S RIGHT THERE ON THE CAR!”  Matthew calmly replies, “Not anymore.  Now it’s called ‘The Possum’.”

At this point, I started to laugh.  The boys started laughing too, and then Peter says “Maybe we should call it the “Poss-tum” or the “Phan-Poss”.  But then it hit us!  And the winner is…”The Phantossum”!!!

The Phantawesome!