I just had to put this (possibly “these”) video(s) up from today because they were so cute.  I think this is a testament to life without Nintendo time, computer time or TV time (since all 3 boys have had continuous screen time outs for a couple of weeks now).  This is what’s commonly called “using your imagination” – something I don’t see very often around here.  But it was a refreshing change.

Here’s the set-up:  Samuel has been playing doctor a lot since visiting the pediatrician last Friday.  Today, Matthew wanted to play and here’s what ensued:


In this video, Peter created a Bounce House for the boys.  Much fun…


I have been waiting on the best video to upload for HOURS now (no kidding – like probably 5 or more hours).  So I suppose I should give up on it.  But it’s so cute!  If I can figure out how to edit it down smaller, I will.  And then post later.  This will have to do for now.