I’m depressed.

There is nothing happening on the pool, except for the electricians, who came yesterday to hook everything up to the breaker box in the garage.  They were at the house just long enough for the dog to slip past me and get loose in the neighborhood.

May I rant for just a moment on this topic?

The dog is infatuated with the neighborhood, apparently, and I suppose it doesn’t help that we don’t walk her everyday.  Or ever, really.  So whenever she sees a sliver of light, she runs for it.  Before the pool build (BPB), she could spend time in the backyard and that somewhat satiated her thirst for running about the neighborhood, but that’s no longer an option.  So she runs away whenever she can.

She comes back, of course, but not before causing major concern among our neighbors, as illustrated by the post that popped up on Nextdoor soon after she escaped yesterday:

Chocolate colored Doberman loose

Yeah, that was our dog.

Then, on our neighborhood group on Facebook, this was posted:

Snickers on FB

Someone’s dog is loose and has been barking a lot in our driveway.. Didn’t want to go too close to look at tags

Yeah, that’s our dog.

I messaged the person who wrote the post to ask her for a street, as I was driving around looking for her when it was posted.  She didn’t reply.  I wrote under the post that I was looking for her, and would appreciate help locating her, to which several people responded “like” but no one mentioned where she was.  That was SUPER helpful.  After searching for a while, I came home to make sure she had not returned like she normally does after an hour (it had been two).  She was standing by the front door, her body pressed up against it, barking to be let in.

Thanks so much, dog.