Turns out, installing the pool decking is a LOT of work.  Here’s the progression:

2015-05-14 15.11.35
2015-05-15 09.13.33

2015-05-15 07.03.19

2015-05-14 19.10.13

Meanwhile, because life can’t be all perfume and roses, we found out this week Peter will need braces.  Again.  In two weeks. And insurance has already paid out the max amount.  After he gets braces, he will get his wisdom teeth removed because they are keeping his back molars from coming in properly.  Dang wisdom teeth.  They really serve no purpose, which is why, I suppose, we all get them removed eventually.

Then yesterday, as I pulled into the alley to drive the two elementary-aged children to school, I heard a horrible “thump thump thump” sound.  I stopped to inspect and sure enough, I had a flat tire.  Not just a flat tire…a COMPLETELY flat tire.  As in, there was a razor blade embedded in it that effectively ruined the tire and made me have to buy a new one.

Because right now is the PERFECT TIME to be shelling out extra money for braces and wisdom teeth and new tires.  We might end up with a pool when this is all done, but we won’t be able to afford swim suits.