So today is Thursday, the day we were originally supposed to get plaster in our pool.  Plaster is the polymer coating on the inside of the pool that we will actually touch when we swim.  The one we chose is a very pale blue with tiny pebbles embedded in it.  It’s called “Pebble Sheen”.  Once the plaster is sprayed, it dries for a day, then they come back and do an acid wash so that some of the pebbles are exposed.  After that, they use the garden hose to fill the pool, and it becomes our job to scrub off any of the pebbles that might catch on our clothes or scrape our feet.  For about 4-5 days, we have to scrub the entire pool with a pool brush!!!  Fun stuff.

So they can’t plaster the pool when it’s raining.  So when we heard it was going to be dry today, we cheered.  Then Sammy called me yesterday to say the plaster guys are behind schedule and couldn’t make it until Friday.  So we booed.  Then this morning, at 8am, two men showed up in our backyard and when I ran to the front, there was a plaster truck parked out front!  I cheered, and then ran outside to welcome them to my home!  But when I got out there, they informed me the pool was too wet – it’s had rain water seeping in on the sides because the water table is so high – and so they wouldn’t be able to plaster today.  I went back inside and quietly booed.  They said they would have to wait a few days for the pool to dry out, but with our crazy weather, that might be weeks.


Guess we’ve come so far so fast, it’s hard to wait now that the end is in sight.  However, the fence is up, the dog can run in the backyard, the arbor is done and oh!  They finished the decking yesterday!  So I’m happy.  Here are some pics of the finished deck:

2015-05-27 16.22.22 2015-05-27 18.02.26 2015-05-27 18.02.37 2015-05-27 18.03.00