Between the last post and this post, we had a weekend.  And on Sunday night, a really bad line of storms blew through the area.  The thunder was loud enough to wake Brad up, so he was watching the lightening through our bedroom windows that face the back yard when lightening struck the pool.

It was unbelievably loud, and scared us half to death.  In particular, the dog, who just happens to sleep in a chair right by the windows, was shaking so badly, it took half an hour for her to calm down and fall asleep on the floor by my side of the bed.  Brad and I were awake longer than that, until the thunder was far enough away and our hearts were finally beating in a normal rythm again.  The next morning, Peter asked me what the loud noise was in the night, and his room is in the exact opposite corner of the house from ours, and upstairs.  The other two boys didn’t remember hearing anything but both were groggy and sleepy and complained of not having a good night’s rest.  I think I know why!

I contacted the pool builder to let them know what had happened, and also because the pool was filled with water and the pump they left in it was not working.  Here’s the pool the next morning, after we received 2.5″ of rain:

2015-04-13 06.49.37

The builder came by and replaced the pump, looked the pool over and declared it okay.  We were scheduled for inspection but due to the storms, the city cancelled inspections for the day.  That gave the soil injection guy a chance to come but I didn’t get any pictures of him.  We are now just a green tag away from Gunite!!!