This has been a strange week, health-wise. Peter had fever, sore throat & headache last Thursday through Sunday. By Monday, he wasn’t completely well, but felt good enough to go to school.

As I wrote previously, Brad and I started having similar symptoms last Saturday and Sunday. Then there was Samuel’s rash on Monday that sent us to the dr. on Tuesday, but it was negative for strep. Tuesday night was when he came down with the croupy cough and he was feverish off and on Wednesday. Meanwhile my symptoms have gotten worse until I finally went to see the doc myself today and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I was leaving my doc talking on the phone with Samuel’s, trying to figure out whether or not he should be seen again. He was lethargic and coughing a bunch today. We agreed I would watch him for a day but after nap, his temp went back up so I called to see what I should do. Praise God, there was a 4:30 cancellation in Frisco!!!

So off we went to to doc for a third time this week. They did a nasal swab and throat swab, testing for both flu and strep. The doc was betting on flu because the headache, sore throat and fever are the top 3 symptoms she is seeing this year. Even as I was mentally adjusting to this news flash – for some reason, I thought if there was no stomach issues involved, it wasn’t the flu – the results came back negative for flu and positive for strep.

Of course.

But the good news is that Peter and Brad are both by all appearances shaking it off, and I’m now on an antibiotic…so that just leaves Matthew.

Matthew deserves a paragraph – probably an entire blog – all his own. Let’s just say he has some issues with Kindergarten that he’s not resolving as quickly as we would like. He’ll get there – it’s just taking time.

As for me, I’m spent. Just drained. But please don’t misunderstand me. We are managing better than you might think. Brad is at football practice with Peter right now and much to our delight, Peter LOVES football!!! He was so pumped after practice last night! And I’m tackling the laundry monster one basket at a time. I am hoping to just do one thing tonight – scrub the kitchen! Oh and thanks to one of my neighbors who I met last week, I have the name of someone to come clean my house and they sound WONDERFUL!!! If I play my cards right, I will have just enough money left in my wallet by the end of the month to pay them for one cleaning. Of course, I haven’t called sooner because I keep waiting until I have the time and energy to clean up before they come. Yes, I did just admit to cleaning for the maids. Crazy, I know.

So all that to say, don’t cry for me, er, us! We’re just passing through one of those sick phases of life that makes you consider bathing your children in Clorox then locking them away for the rest of this year. And since I can’t do that, I’m going to spend what little energy I have left bathing them in normal water and scrubbing the kitchen with Clorox!