Well, today has more than made up for all the stress of our car dying and having to purchase a new one toot sweet. Or is it toot suite? I am unsure and I find myself less than concerned about proper spelling, which can only mean one thing: I’m finally in full vacation mode.

Oh summer vacation, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

So this morning, I slept late, drank coffee that I didn’t have to make, took what was perhaps the most wonderful, most relaxing hot shower I’ve ever taken – which might have been related to the fact I had not showered since Sunday morning. And it’s now Wednesday.

Next mom & I went shopping in the cutest little shop in town, where mom bought me an adorable shirt on sale for $9! Their sandals are also some of the prettiest I’ve seen, and ridiculously comfortable, a fact that was never proven more than yesterday when I wore them all over the San Antonio car lots. I’ve already picked out my next pair but am waiting to see if they go on sale before we leave town.

After shopping, I had the best massage of my entire life. There’s a lady here – a young mom named Dora – who is absolutely incredible. I’ve never had one that came even close – not in Dallas, Frisco, Austin – never. And I was sore from yesterday so it was especially welcome.

I picked up lunch for everybody, then after lunch, we all collapsed for several hours of nappy time bliss. We’ve now finished eating yet another meal I didn’t have to make and I’m debating between reading my new book or playing a round of Candy Crunch. I’ll probably find a way to do both, because I’m all about a well-balanced life.

And this concludes another episode of The Not-So-Young And Well-Rested. Tune in tomorrow when we discuss whether or not I go get a pedicure!!!